Earthquake Insurance

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Full Name: Earthquake Insurance

Traditional earthquake insurance covers damage caused by an earthquake by indemnifying pure loss.

  • Categories: Personal
  • Also Known As : EQ
  • What does earthquake insurance cover?

    Earthquake insurance provides coverage if your home is damaged by an earthquake. Standard homeowner and renters policies will not cover earthquake damage. Earthquake insurance is a separate endorsement you must buy and add to your homeowner or renters policy.

    An earthquake endorsement generally excludes damages or losses from floods and tidal waves - even when caused or compounded by an earthquake. However, if you experience a loss due to a landslide, settlement, mudflow, or the rising, sinking and contracting of earth, your endorsement may cover it if the damage resulted from an earthquake.

    There are several options to consider when purchasing earthquake insurance, including:

    -Does the policy cover only your home? Are other structures, such as garages, also included?

    -Will your policy pay for the contents of your home and for additional living expenses if your home is badly damaged or destroyed?

    -Are there any exclusions or limitations to coverage?

    -What deductible must you pay before the insurance kicks in?

    Earthquakes can be emotionally and financially devastating events for both renters and homeowners. Avoid dipping into your retirement or college savings to recover after an earthquake; buy insurance now.